• Our crews have finally finished up our longest trail season yet! They worked hard all season on so many different projects. 
  • This past month our crews finished up projects at the Eagle Valley Ropes Course and worked on the trail out to the new Eagle's Landing Cabin. 
  • After the record-breaking rain event, our crews combed through the trails clearing debris and tree-fall. 
  • The annual auction was an amazing success thanks to your support! 
  • While we're not on the trail anymore, we'll be working hard through the winter so we can spring into trail work next year! 
  • We're excited to partner with JMBA and the Forest Service to work on the Dredge Lakes trail system. 
  • We're beginning to plan for work at Pack Creek and on the Cristopher Trail, which connects Cope Park to the Flume Trail. 
  • We'll be continuing to work out at Point Bridget and on the Treadwell Ditch (did someone say more bridges?).
  • Signups for Hike For A Pint Winter 2021 will be launching soon!

Trail Mix Top Three

Montana Creek 

Kaxdigoowu Héen Dei

Enjoy magnificent views and lovely snow on this trail! Located in the valley, this trail is the perfect spot to try out cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. 


Point Bridget

Ch'eet' Taayí

Head out to Point Bridget to enjoy this view with the addition of a layer of snow. This out and back trail offers forest views as well as sights of snow capped mountains across the water. 

Nugget Falls Trail

Dei xán Sit'.áa

Take in the lovely sight of the snow-covered glacier from Nugget Falls Trail. If it's cold enough, you'll be able to see the frozen falls and maybe a few brave ice climbers as well! 


The Dirt from the Director 

Hello everyone!

What a year we’ve all had! We are so grateful for the incredible amount of support that we saw at our auction and on #givingTuesday! Together we raised over $25,000 for Trail Mix to continue it's work on our world class trail system! Thank you Juneau!

Even though the snow is flying and our field work is wrapping up, we’re still working hard to keep our local trail system in tip top shape. We’re working with other community groups to help facilitate solutions for future trail use, getting ready for this winter’s Hike for a Pint, and perhaps most importantly, scheduling and planning our 2021 work season. We’re excited to be developing plans with our agency partners at CBJ, DNR and the USFS to develop plans for trail improvements all over Juneau.

We’re excited to be working on the Juneau Master Trails Plan, which will provide a framework for collaboration between our local land management agencies, Trail Mix, and other trail user groups for the next 10-20 years. That kind of collaboration is a core value of Trail Mix, and while we are great (maybe the best?) at moving gravel and improving our trails, we need your help to know where to focus our efforts. Getting involved with community groups that have formed around your favorite outdoor sports is a great way to get your input into the Trails Plan.

Another great way to stay involved with Trail Mix over these winter months is to sign up for the Winter 2021 edition of Hike for a Pint! We’re excited to be partnering with Forbidden Peak Brewery and Bocca al Lupo this season. Sign-ups will start on January 1st and again be limited to 250 participants, I hope to see everyone out stamping your passports come January!

This year has presented new kinds of challenges that no one saw coming, and at some points felt never ending, but we made it through. When I look back, I realize that many of my brightest moments from this year are on our trail system and I am heartened to live in such an incredible place.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.




Thank you for your support!

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