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Hike for a Pint

Today is your last day to buy tickets for Hike for a Pint. Don't miss out on the fun! 

We have six amazing trails lined up for this round of Hike for a Pint. Purchase your passport, hike five out of six trails, and then receive a tasty treat. You can redeem your completed passport for a refreshing cocktail at Amalga (zero-proof options available!) or pick up a delicious pint of ice cream from Auke Bay Cafe. 


Gearing Up & Getting Ready

Volunteers: Our 2021 season truly was one for the books! Did you know our Volunteer Trail Maintenance Team put in 2,701 hours on the trail last year! Talk about a lasting impact on our trail system. We couldn't do the work we do without our amazing volunteers. We can't wait to start the 2022 season and see what they accomplish this year. 

Shop Update: Thank you to everyone who donated to our Giving Tuesday campaign to build out our new shop! We've been hard at work making our new building the ultimate Trail Mix headquarters. 


Hey friend,

What a year we've all had. Looking back at 2021, I’m filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the hardworking team of staff and volunteers at Trail Mix, gratitude to be a guest on Lingít Aaní, and most of all grateful for the community that we are all a part of and how we’ve risen to support each other during this pandemic- thank you.

Thanks to your support, 2021 was another incredible year for Trail Mix. We continued our mission of stewarding Juenau’s trails in the ways that we’re all used to seeing; new bridges on the Treadwell Ditch, less mud and more gravel at Point Bridget, and reroutes on the Perseverance trail where climate change accelerates erosion and washouts. We also found the pursuit of our mission ‘off trail’ over the last year- advocating for a statewide CCC style trails program, working with tribal, local, state, and federal agencies to plan the future of Juneau’s trails, and building and investing in our own capacity to pursue our mission. None of this would have been possible without your support.

Looking forward to 2022, I’m excited to continue our work on and off the trails. Planning trail projects in the coming season is always so exciting for me; Treadwell Ditch, Mt. Jumbo, seeing our incredible team of seasonal trail crew workers come together, and especially moving into our new facility in Lemon Creek.

I’m always struck with awe that we live in a place that not only has access to so many wonderful trails, but a community that values that so much, and I feel so lucky to be here.

See you on the trails,

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

P.S. As you are on trails this winter, please help us get a head start on our annual maintenance and fill out our trail damage report when you notice obstacles like downed trees or slides.

Trail Mix Top Three

Mendenhall Campgrounds/Sit'.áa: Mendenhall Campgrounds offer a peaceful escape for a quick walk or cross country ski. Enjoy nice, groomed laps and beautiful views of the glacier. 

Treadwell Mine Ruins/Sayéik: Enjoy a quiet walk through the Treadwell Mine Ruins this winter. You can learn about Juneau history while getting in your daily outdoor time. This area has plenty of loops and links to make for a fluid hiking experience. 

Boy Scout Beach/Lingít Aaní: Boy Scout Beach is one of our favorite beaches to go to on a snowy day. On low tide, the sandy delta opens up and adds almost a quarter-mile of flat, sandy beach to explore. 

Alaskans, make sure to file for your PFD before March 31 and also share some of your dividend through Pick.Click.Give!

When you donate to Trail Mix through Pick.Click.Give, your donation supports our efforts to ensure the safety and accessibility of Juneau’s trail system.

Trail Mix hires local trail crews, sources local materials when possible, and engages volunteers in community events to maintain and improve Juneau’s most loved public infrastructure, our vast and varied trail system. Pick.Click.Give to Trail Mix and join us as we work to create safe, accessible, and memorable outdoor experiences for everyone.

Learn more about Pick.Click.Give here

Recessive genes and receding glaciers: Lecture focuses on Southeast’s blue bears

Have you ever been curious about the blueish/gray bears that wander around the Mendenhall Glacier? 

"The bears — known as “glacier bears” in English and sik noon "bear that disappears" in Lingít — are unique to Southeast Alaska with a genetic history influenced by the region’s glaciation, according to Lewis." 

Learn more about these special bears from this Mendenhall Glacier Fireside chat here. 

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