Perseverance|It'ji Shaanáx

Our Perseverance crew has been making incredible strides in improving this iconic trail. Over the past month, they have installed new culverts where bridges had been swept away by avalanches. We’re excited to make the switch from bridges to culverts because they offer many benefits to the trail. After severe storms, culverts are significantly easier to reset and are more likely to survive a storm than a bridge. Additionally, they provide a smoother hiking and biking experience, since there is no lip to have to hop up like a bridge would have. We have a couple more we’ll be installing in the coming weeks! 


4 stellar crew members ferried over to meet up with our friends from the Sitka Forest Service. After two years of postponing this trip, we were glad to be able to complete this project and fulfill our commitment to our partners in the Sitka Ranger District. Jesse, Julio, Dane, and Mark spent three weeks working to improve the Indian River trail. They helped increase drainage on the trail and improved the tread. We worked with Coastal Helicopters to get bags of gravel flown in to add to the trail to make a compact, smooth surface. 



Step, swing, step, swing, step, swing. Rake, rake, toss. Ahhh, the sweet sounds of brushing season. For the last couple of weeks, and on into August, our crew members will be completing their annual brushing of the trails. Each day, crew members load up the trucks with brushers (the sturdier cousin of the weedwhacker) and rakes. Brushing each year helps us keep at bay the constant growth of plants and makes trails that were once lost in brush visible again. 


Global Leadership Adventures

We were joined this month by 19 incredible teens from around the United States. These students flew into Juneau through the program Global Leadership Adventures. While here, they partnered up with our Perseverance crew to learn all about trail work, land management, and leadership. They did a phenomenal job building drains, installing two culverts, and improving the tread on the trail.

Successful Volunteer Day on Perseverance

Thank you to the 18 volunteers who showed up to make a big impact on the Perseverance trail! We are so thrilled to be hosting volunteer days again with the community. A special shoutout to the runners from the Juneau Ridge Race and JTRR, who helped organize this event with us.

YEP Crew

We have loved working with the Youth Employment in Parks program this season! The YEP crew is made up of high school students who spend the summer learning about job skills, leadership, and community partnerships. While working with Trail Mix, the YEP crew helped create turnpikes at Outer Point and graveled the trail. They also did tread work at the Eagle Valley Center and beautified many of the parks throughout Juneau. 


Trail of the Month

Auke Lake Trail

Distance: 1.1 miles

Elevation Change: 30 feet

The Auke Lake trail provides a pleasant place to stroll. With only 30 feet of elevation change on the trail and a wide, compact tread, it is easy to see why it is a favorite of ours. On the trail, there are many interpretive signs that provide information on the area and the plants and animals that reside there. There are also benches and floating docks to stop and take in the beauty of the lake and mountains. 

Many of the improvements that we enjoy today came from a massive effort by the University of Alaska Southeast and the City and Borough of Juneau to spruce up the trail in 2011. The trail provides improved access for anthropology, geology, and environmental science students to better utilize Auke Lake as a natural science lab only a few steps from campus. These improvements also permanently protected the area as a greenbelt, which provides important habitat for migratory birds. 

For more information, check out the UAS release or Discovery Southeast’s detailed map and guide.




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