Crew member holding a rake with mountains in the background.

On the Trail

Blackerby Ridge: Crew members, along with YEP (Youth Employment in Parks), finished a trailhead reroute and repaired a section of washed-out trail.

Treadwell Ditch: Bridge building is underway! Crews have been working hard to prep the trail for bridges. Bridges will be flown out to the trail and assembled in August.

Brushing: Our dedicated crews have been working their way through Juneau to clear the trails of overgrowth.  

Balls Lake: A crew traveled out to Balls Lake, located on Prince of Wales island, to work on a boardwalk stability project. Crew members stapled netting to the existing boardwalk to create a surface that won't be slippery when wet. 

Crew members pouring large bucket of grain into a barrel to brew beer.

Hike for a Pint

  • Hike for a Pint has sold out! Thank you for your support. 
  • We've partnered with Barnaby Brewing Co. to create a special Trail Mix beer. For each pint of Trail Mix beer sold, Barnaby will donate $1 to Trail Mix. The beer will be released on August 6th. Crew members had an awesome time learning about brewing beer and assisting in the brewing process.
  • Our beer needs a name! If you have any trail-related beer name ideas, head over to Barnaby's Instagram to submit your suggestion. 

Montana Creek Master Plan

  • The City and Borough of Juneau is working with the United States Forest Service, the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and Trail Mix to develop the Montana Creek Master Plan. As a first step in this process, the public is invited to take this survey. The goal of the survey, which is open through 5 p.m. August 19, is to understand community values and use of the area.


Volunteers standing on a bridge.
Volunteers standing near a gravel bag.

It's time to come clean. Trail Mix has a secret weapon.

Every week, our Trail Maintenance Volunteer Team heads up to Treadwell Ditch with one goal: improve the trail so you can bike Treadwell Ditch end to end. While the goal is centered around bikers, the improvements that our volunteer team works on benefit all types of recreationalists. Since 2017, Trail Mix volunteers have clocked in over 4,317 hours on the Treadwell Ditch. That's a lot of hard work, grit, and determination. The volunteers also bring their skills to different trail projects around Juneau. Right now, they're working with one of our crews to do a reroute at Switzer. In the past, they've helped work on the Horse Tram trail and out at Point Bridget. 

To see the amazing impact this team has made, look no further than the Emerson Spur trail. This trail was constructed by our volunteers from 2018-2020 and connects Fish Creek Road to the Treadwell Ditch. The volunteer crew can often be found hauling gear up the trail on their e-bikes. They have helped improve tread, add culverts, and gravel significant amounts of the Treadwell Ditch. 

If you'd like to join our amazing volunteer crew or are interested in setting up a volunteer day, reply to this email or get more information from our volunteer page on our website. 

Trail Mix Top Three

Two crew members look out over Mendenhall Valley.

Blueberry Trail

Áak'w Táak

Blueberry Trail provides some of the best views of Mendenhall Valley! This short trail leads up to the radio tower. From there, you are able to look out and see the glacier, mountains, downtown, and Auk Bay. 


Grandchild Peaks: Image of the backside of McGinnis, taken from the ridge of Grandchild Peak.

Grandchild Peaks

Lingít Aaní

The views from the ridge line will make the steep ascent worth it! Grandchild's gives hikers a view of the backside of McGinnis and Stroller-White while also seeing sweeping views of the ocean. This strenuous hike makes for a long day trek or can be a wonderful opportunity to camp on the ridge.

Cowee Creek: four hikers on a forested trail.

Cowee Creek

Ch'eet' Taayí

Cowee Creek is a peaceful out-and-back trail. Located far out the road, this trail provides a nice escape on a sunny day. The trail winds along Cowee Creek through the forest.

  • As you hike this season, remember that you can report any trail damage on the Juneau Trails Damage Report. Pictures of the reported damage are incredibly helpful so that our crews are able to understand the issue needing to be fixed. Report responses are reviewed frequently and the issues will be handled by either Trail Mix, Forest Service, or Alaska State Parks. 
Hiker in a wheelchair crosses a bridge with a stream flowing to the right.

Making the Outdoors More Accessible Takes All of Us

Here at Trail Mix, our goal is to provide recreation experiences for all abilities. We're thrilled to partner with local organizations like SAIL and Juneau Parks & Recreation to work towards making trails more accessible. 

From non-profits to trail builders, organizations and the outdoors are working to make the simple pleasure of a day in the woods available to everyone. And they need your help. This article reinforces the importance of accessible trails and how they benefit the community. 

Trail workers stapling netting to boardwalk with a lake to the right.

Thank you for your support!

We're over halfway through our official season and working harder than ever! We can't believe what we've accomplished so far. With your help, we can continue our work to make Juneau's trails the best in the world. If you can, please find a way to support Trail Mix this season. You can become a member, volunteer, and follow us on social media. 

With your support, we can have another groundbreaking season this year! Help us maintain Juneau's world-class trail system. Click the button below to support Trail Mix, all while scoring deals at Foggy Mountain, NAO, and Cycle Alaska. 


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