Two muddy crew members in front of a large tree stump.

Blackerby Ridge: A crew has been recreating trail that was washed out by the rain events last December. They've been clearing large debris as well as improving the first section of the trail near the trailhead. 

Duck Creek Wetlands: Trail Mix crews have been working in partnership with Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition to help rehabilitate the wetlands at Duck Creek. We've done this by revegetating the area and creating a pond.

Mendenhall Campground: Over 50 food storage lockers at Mendenhall Campground were installed to help visitors safely store their food while camping. 

Four trail workers wearing protective chaps and skipping rocks on the beach.

Point Bridget: A crew finished emptying gravel bags that had been flown out to Point Bridget. Now, the first quarter-mile of the trail has been improved with new gravel, improved tread, and added drainage. 

Pack Creek: With a break in the weather, we sent a crew out to Pack Creek on Admiralty. There, the crew will be installing a new observation deck. 

Beach Access Trails: Many of the beach access trails out the road have now been brushed! Laib's crew worked hard to clear overgrowth from the trails as well as make small improvements such as adding drainage.


Hike for a Pint

Get ready to lace up your hiking boots and grab your passport. Hike for a Pint is almost here! For our third round of Hike for a Pint, we're partnering with the amazing Barnaby Brewing Co. and Venice Italian Gelataria. Official sign-ups begin soon. The best way to know the first day of registration is to check our Facebook and Instagram.

Picture of Ryan, Trail Mix Executive Director.


Hi friend, and happy Solstice!

Now that summer is officially here we are thrilled to be back at it and have our field season in full swing. By now I’m sure you’ve seen our crews out working on trails like Point Bridget and Blackerby Ridge- we’re excited to see you soon on trails such as the Treadwell Ditch, Lena Point, and the Christopher Trail.

It’s been inspiring for me to see our field crews come together and create a community centered around our trail system. It reminds me how lucky we all are to be a part of this broader community that recognizes the importance of trails to community and personal wellbeing. I feel so fortunate to be a guest on this land where I run into friends, neighbors, and coworkers on trails as often as I might in the grocery store. 

We’re doing our best to keep this community asset, our trails, in the best shape possible. A HUGE thank you to our members and everyone who pledged to our 2021 Work Plan- we can not do it without you. Your contributions keep Trail Mix going and enable us to continue looking forward.

See you on the trails!


P.S. Don’t forget to stay tuned to social media for Hike for a Pint updates!

Trail Mix Top Three

Juneau Ridge Line, purple wildflowers and mountains

Juneau Ridge


The Juneau Ridge loop is an amazing way to see Juneau from above! The loop begins by climbing up Mt. Juneau, follows the ridge, and then descends Granite Creek into Perseverance Valley. This is a strenuous hike with beautiful views. 

Cropley Lake: image of a hiker in a green meadow with a mountain

Cropley Lake


This loop trail is just over 4 miles and is the perfect way to enjoy the mountains and a lake. The trail is often muddy, so come prepared. We recommend downloading the Alltrails map, as some areas of the trail may have washed out. 


Flume Trail: image of a wooden bridge in the forest

The Flume Trail

Dzantik'i Héeni

Close to downtown, the Flume Trail is a flat, 1 mile out and back hike. From the trail, enjoy the serenity of the serenity of the forest and waterfalls. 

  • As you hike this season, remember that you can report any trail damage on the Juneau Trails Damage Report. Pictures of the reported damage are incredibly helpful so that our crews are able to understand the issue needing to be fixed. Report responses are reviewed frequently and the issues will be handled by either Trail Mix, Forest Service, or Alaska State Parks. 
Image of a hiker holding a flag at Katahdin, the end of the Appalachian Trail.

Juneteenth: Celebrating Black Voices in the Outdoors

This month, we celebrated and observed Juneteenth, a day that has marked emancipation and freedom from slavery since 1865. To honor the spirit of that day, please join the Washington Trails Association in celebrating just a few of the leading voices in the outdoor movement who continue to break down barriers and shift the narrative about people of color in the outdoors. Click here to see a highlight of people and organizations working towards Black Joy and Liberation in the outdoors. 

To learn more about Juneteenth, read here. 

Trail worker in rain gear holding a pulaski by a log.

Thank you for your Support

We're so excited to have crews working again! If you are too, please find a way to support Trail Mix this season. You can become a member, volunteer, support Trails Build Alaska, and follow us on social media. 

With your support, we can have another groundbreaking season this year! Help us maintain Juneau's world-class trail system. Click the button below to support Trail Mix, all while scoring deals at Foggy Mountain, NAO, and Cycle Alaska. 


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