The trail season has started!

Last week we welcomed seven new crew members to Trail Mix. They joined with eight returning staff to complete our trail crews for the upcoming season. During training week our staff learned how to use tools, build trails, and practice wilderness first aid.

We have an amazing, dedicated group this year. They're all excited to work towards creating a safe, inclusive, and accessible trail system that our community can enjoy. 

Our crews are now out in the field and working at Point Bridget and Mendenhall Campground.


Trails Build Alaska

  • Last week we paraded to the Governor's mansion and to the Capitol building in support of Trails Build Alaska. We had a great turn out and were excited to spread the word on how trail crews support our community, trails, and the economy. You can read the article from the Juneau Empire here. 
  • If you believe in trails like we do, please consider signing our petition and getting more information about Trails Build Alaska here. 


Coming Up

  • We'll be posting every Monday on our Facebook and Instagram a weekly Trail Report of what we did the previous week. Follow along to stay tuned!
  • We're excited to start planning for another summer of Hike for a Pint! Keep an eye out for more information.  
  • If you love trails have a group who would like to volunteer with us and want more information, click here. 


Hi friend,

We have some amazing people working for Trail Mix this season and we're so excited to share what they've been up to this season. So without further ado, here's what some of our crew members are saying about their first couple weeks on the trail.

Mendenhall Campground

The crew at Mendenhall Campground has been installing bear lockers at each campsite in partnership with the Forest Service. We're hoping to give campers a safe location for their food and reduce negative bear-human encounters. 

"I'm really proud of my crew this week. We've exceeded our goal and have installed 40 bear bins so far, with 11 remaining to install next week. Everyone has done exceptional work and we've had fun every day. I'm really looking forward to next week and what we'll accomplish throughout the season." -Laib, he/him, crew lead, 2nd season 

"It's a lot of fun to see our progress throughout the week. At the end of the week, it was rewarding to walk through and see what we've accomplished. I'm also a lot more tired than expected. It's hard work but it's rewarding." -Sam, he/him, crew member, 1st season

Point Bridget

The crew at Point Bridget has been working hard to remove the rotten, slippery boardwalk and replace it with gravel. They're improving the drainage and tread of the trail to create a much more pleasant hiking experience. 

"We're starting to really get our systems down and learn how to work together as a team. We've started to fall into a rhythm and we're learning fast." -Dane, he/him, crew member, 1st season

"I'm glad to be outside and working. I'm grateful that I'm sore but getting stronger and I'm grateful for the good weather here at Point Bridget. It's great seeing things start to come together." -Julio, they/them,  crew member, 2nd season 

Trail Mix Top Three

It's been amazing having crews back and getting to know everyone. For the next few months, the Trail Mix Top Three will be brought to you by our crew members! We'll be featuring a variety of trails that our crews love and are excited to share with you. 

Image of Lena Point

Mount Jumbo


Jean (she/her) is a new crew member this season! She loves hiking Mount Jumbo for the spectacular view of the channel and Admiralty Island. Another perk of the trail is crossing through alpine meadows and finding berries along the trail. 


Perseverance Valley

It'ji Shaanáx

Julio (they/them) is one of our awesome returners. They spent a lot of time at Treadwell Ditch last season, but loves the views, wideness of the trail, and incline of Perseverance. Perseverance is also the perfect place for Julio to walk their dog, Billy. 


Image of Herbert Glacier

Point Bishop


Laib (he/him) is another returner to Trail Mix and this year he's joined us as a Crew Lead. He enjoys how long and flat Point Bishop is. This trail is a great place to soak in amazing views with minimal elevation gain. 


  • As you hike this season, remember that you can report any trail damage on the Juneau Trails Damage Report. Pictures of the reported damage are incredibly helpful so that our crews are able to understand the issue needing to be fixed. Report responses are reviewed frequently and the issues will be handled by either Trail Mix, Forest Service, or Alaska State Parks. 

The Alaska Long Trail

Speaking of how "Trails Build Alaska", have you heard of the Alaska Long Trail? Our friends at Alaska Trails have been tirelessly working to get started on the Alaska Long Trail. The Long Trail would connect many trails that already exist as well as build new trails. 

Alaska Trails believes that it's time for Alaska to invest in its future by creating a route that will stand with the other great long trails of the world.

Read more about the project here and on the Alaska Trails website! 


Crew members standing on newly built bridge with text that says

Thank you for your Support

We're so excited to have crews working again! If you are too, please find a way to support Trail Mix this season. You can become a member, volunteer, support Trails Build Alaska, and follow us on social media. 

With your support, we can have another groundbreaking season this year! Help us maintain Juneau's world-class trail system. Click the button below to support Trail Mix, all while scoring deals at Foggy Mountain, NAO, and Cycle Alaska. 

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