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A Message from our Director

This year has been challenging for everyone. Juneau has endured one of the wettest seasons in recent history, adapted to social distancing and life during a pandemic, and found some creative solutions to rebound from the halt of our tourism industry. We’ve also seen more people enjoying and using Juneau’s trail system than ever before. Early on in the year, we recognized Trail Mix’s unique opportunity to help add jobs to our local economy, maintain social distance guidelines, and not only keep up with the increased maintenance due to rain and use, but add value to a dear community resource- our trails.

I’m proud of the work that our team has done to continue our work in as safe and responsible manner as possible. In addition to our regular maintenance work, we partnered with the CBJ to form the COVID19 Conservation Corps program. We worked with local businesses to hold independent outdoor fundraisers like Hike for a Pint and expanded our crew sizes to work on more trails than we ever have before. Trail Mix hasn’t been immune to the realities of 2020, we recently saw our first COVID positive case within our staff. To keep our team and the community safe, we decided to discontinue field work until we were able to have everyone be tested and receive results.

I’m also excited to share that we will be holding this year’s annual auction fundraiser virtually! We’re excited to continue this Juneau tradition of supporting trails and showcasing local products and artists. Stay tuned to our social media pages and newsletters for more details on how to be involved! 


Ryan O’Shaughnessy
Executive Director


Trail Mix Updates

Perseverance Trail: One of our amazing crews hiked up Perseverance day after day to work on Granite Creek Basin and then Red Mill trail. Granite Creek Basin update involved removing the old boardwalk that had become hazardous and replacing it with boardwalks that allow for gradual navigation of the incline. After that project, the crew moved on to Red Mill trail where they added drains, removed obstacles, and improved the tread of the trail. 

Treadwell Ditch Trail: One crew began the season on Treadwell Ditch by repaired sections of the trail that had been degraded over time. This crew worked in tandem with our amazing volunteer crew! Meanwhile, another crew began the long, rewarding process of working to install nine new bridges on Treadwell Ditch Trail. 

Horse Tram Trail: A crew set out at the start of the season to begin creating an outline of a trail that goes from Boy Scout Beach to Amalga Harbor and spent many wet weeks clearing out logs, rocks, and vegetative matter.  As the first crew headed off, another crew began the process of graveling the trail. As of right now, the trail is completely covered in a base layer of gravel and will be given the finishing topcoat in the coming weeks! 

Point Bridget: Point Bridget Trail is getting a facelift this season! Gone are the slippery, splintery boardwalks, and in their place is fresh new gravel. Trail Mix is working to gravel this well-loved trail from the parking lot out to the cabins. 

Hike for a Pint: On top of the work being done on the trails, were were able to share the trails with you. We saw an impressive amount of Juneauites hiking trails to earn a beer from Devil's Club Brewery or ice cream from Coppa in our first ever Hike for a Pint. Rain or shine (and by that we mean mostly rain), we loved seeing you out enjoying the trails this season! 


Here's what's coming up...

Summer may be over, but our work is not. As of right now, we still have multiple crews out doing work at a few different locations. We have a crew working hard on the Treadwell Ditch to put the finishing touches on those new bridges. Another crew has been removing those slippery boardwalks from the Point Bridget Trail and replacing it with a nice gravel trail. Our crews have also been making big improvements at the Eagle Vally Center including, creating a trail that leads from the Eagle Valley Center to the new SAIL Ropes Course and working on the route to the new CBJ cabin!

Also, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some exciting announcements regarding our annual auction fundraising event! We're going virtual this year, so things will be a little different, but we're excited to see you all online and continue a long-standing Juneau tradition!


Trail Mix Top Three 

1. Horse Tram Trail: Come check out the freshest trail in Juneau! Take a hike on the freshly graveled Horse Tram Trail, which connects Amalga Meadows to Boy Scout Beach. 

2. Gastineau Meadows Trail: Enjoy this quick trail that features some beautiful mountain views (if we ever get a break in the clouds) and wonderful fall colors. If you're feeling adventurous, continue on from this trail to the Treadwell Ditch Trail to check out the new bridges we've installed! 

3. Mt. Roberts: As we start to see dustings of snow upon the Mendenhall Towers, we know that fall will come and go before we know it. Make sure to head up Mt. Roberts, or any of our spectacular mountains, while they are still free of snow! 

You can click the name of the trail to get directions to the trailhead! 

Thank you for supporting Trail Mix!

We cannot thank you enough for supporting Trail Mix! If you value the work that we do and want to help us maintain Juneau's world-class trail system, consider becoming a member or making a one-time donation. Every dollar contributed to Trail Mix supports the local trails you use, and your contribution is tax-deductible. 

Additionally, thanks to our amazing partners, members can get discounts at Foggy Mountain Shop, Nugget Alaskan Outfitter, and Cycle Alaska! 

You can also support Trail Mix by liking our Facebook page and following our Instagram to keep up to date with all of our current events! 

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